Dear Terence,

A brief note of appreciation of how well you and your team managed our move to Melbourne. We were deeply impressed with the level of communication, pro-active approach, and leadership you demonstrated during the various stages of moving in Singapore. An unexpected but very welcome event was that you came personally to lead your team and the Nasi Lemak luncheon that you provided (…many of our friends heard about that..). We can safely state that you outperformed every other mover we ever used around the world (Australia, Europe, and Asia) and we can only wish you all the very best in your future with the company.

There is no doubt that we would use you and your team again should the need arise for another move. It is nice to see a young team being energetic and successful.

Best regards,

Benjamin Conrad

Solution Architect Esko

Dear Terence,
You are most welcome.
We, my family and myself have been really satisfied with the Smart Relocators services.
It has started with you Terence, for the quotations. We saw 3 different companies and the 2 other one quoted for 2 containers, when you did it only for 1. And 1 was the right choice. I am concerned with this one, because my company will only pay for 1, so if we had chosen another company, I would have to pay myself for something not needed. So a first thank you to you!
Now, concerning packing in Singapore, nothing to say, perfectly organized and as it was decided weeks before.
Now concerning moving, we got an issue with the US company requesting to pay additional fees, Smart Relocator (and you Terence) fixed the issue without additional costs.
So very good experience and thanks Terence,
Bien cdt,

Rene Frandsen

Head of Region and Sales and Support Asia Pacific Managing Director

Good morning Terence,
Your team did a good job. I had a good move experience. Not first time I relocate Singapore, so I believe, I know, what I speak about here 🙂
All your guys did well. Good work ethics, good efforts, very friendly and accommodating and all took good care not to scratch, damage things nor make walls, panels, floors in my new place dirty/damaged.
“Water runs down”…. 🙂 So I must compliment both Hai Seng and Supervisor Erwin for their management efforts. A team is only as good as the management makes the team. Erwin in particular managed well by objectives, by example and by “walking around”. He was assertive but at same time friendly and empathetic. The guys in the team clearly respected him for his good management approach. Well done!
All in all my compliments to Smart Relocators for a job very well done. I was recommended to you by my housing agent Vivien Tan, and I will certainly recommend Smart Relocators to friends and others that I will come to know of having to relocate in the future.
Best Regards

Shan Elias

Manager Maintenance & Repair Regional Equipment Management Region Asia

Hello Kenneth,
I was very pleased with the services rendered. The crew was very professional and helpful. Their efficiency was amazing. I would / will definitely recommend to anyone looking for the services you offer.
Thank you,

Steve Lee

Dear Terence,
I was very impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of your staff in my recent move to my new home. You, in particular was leader and packer par-extraordinary. The work has been well organised and executed. My wife and me were extremely pleased with your services.
I have no hesitation in recommending your company to my friends and acquaintances for relocation services in the future.
Best regards.

Suat Hwa

Dear Terence,
I want to thank you for the pleasant relocation for me to Melaka. Your packers were all very professional and pleasant. So were the workers from the Malaysian side. I will certainly recommend your comapany to any of my friends who are in need of this service. You have my permission to quote me.