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International Moving Services in Singapore

Relocating to another country can be stressful. At Smart Relocators, we are owner operated so you can be assured with our tailor services. we have access to the global resources in the world’s with most trusted international removals network, with the expertise to move you to any country across the world.

With careful packing by trained professionals, you can be rest assure you are in good hands with us taking care of the details, so you have more time to look forward to your new life. We undertake to process your relevant documents for customs, transit and port-out to ensure a stress-free move

Our International move service includes:

* Complementary on site pre-move assessment for job evaluation
* Complete origin packing and destination unpacking
* Storage solutions
* Consultant and advisory on paperwork and documentation
* Insurance coverage policy
* Origin and destination port handling
* Customs clearance

Door to Door – Mode of shipment

Sea Freight (FCL – Full Container Load)

There are two sizes of container that are used worldwide on all trade routes

– 20 ft general dry sealed containers (approximate capacity 1000 cubic feet / 28 m3)

– 40 ft general dry sealed containers (approximate capacity 2000 cubic feet / 60 m3)

– 40 ft HC (High Cube) dry sealed containers (approximate capacity 2400 cuft / 68 m3)

The benefit of having an exclusive FCL container is that it is only your personal effects are within the container, and in the majority of case study, container is loaded and security sealed at your residence or at our warehouse. Upon completion in loading, it is taken directly to port and arrives at your destination of port pending for further customs immigration process.

Sea Freight (LCL – Loose Container Load)

LCL service is an exclusive shipment, however packed either by tri-wall or traditional wood case name lift-vans. The mode of shipping are sent via freight consolidators and shipping dates are benefit are swift in-transit. LCL shipment can be moved on weekly sailings to the majority of global destinations. However, it’s disadvantage would also be a few days lost through de-consolidation at port of discharge.

Groupage (Shared container)

Groupage shipment is the least expensive way to ship if you are happy to wait slightly longer for your cargo to arrive at destination. Shipment usually takes a minimum of 4-8 weeks in origin warehouse to fill up for an particular port. The mode is also combined with others shipping to the same destination but isn’t shipped until the container is full. Our Groupage shipments options are available for certain country such as Australia, Hong Kong and United Kingdom.

Air Freight

Air freight service is direct mode which offers the fastest transit time. It tends to be more expensive depending on the destination which we usually recommend it for smaller consignments that you urgently need in your new country.