Patrick Mariadass


Patrick Mariadass

Mayflower Primary School

Dear Terence
Your staff led by Kenneth arrived punctually at the stated time. After briefing Kenneth on what to do and showing him the areas concerned, the team got down to work swiftly without any delay. I requested Kenneth to help me clear some of the furniture from the dance rooms first as our pupils needed to use those rooms for their CCA. Kenneth communicated this to his men and within 20 minutes all were cleared for our pupils to use.
Your staff were courteous and ever obliging and carried out the tasks at hand without any fuss.
Please convey my thanks and gratitude to your staff for a job well done.
Thank you.

Silvarathi Suppiah

Fu Hua Secondary School

Dear Mr Terence,
I was indeed very impressed with your men’s teamwork and all of the functioning as an industrious group. I never notice anyone who slacks or try to escape work but rather participate to ensure the timeliness and customer satisfaction. This was also demonstrated when my staff and I tried to assist at certain but was informed that they can manage it and for us to just direct.
Good management, staff and timely delivery. For all that kudos to you guys.
All the best in your endeavors and hope that you will make a mark in this industry.