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Packing & Moving Supplies

When moving to a new home or location, having the proper packing materials are is just as important as knowing where they all will go. Using just any boxes or containers that happen to be lying around to secure and move your belongings could potentially leave you open to mishaps or damages during the journey of a move. With our state of art customized packaging supplies, you can be assured knowing that your personal items, furnitures are secure and properly protected for the long road to your new home.

Only at SMART – we offer you sturdy, customized sized double ply boxes:

  • Small – Books, CDs, small appliances carton
  • Medium – Lightweight belongings like dish, plates, blankets
  • Large – Folded Clothing, flat pack for hanging clothing
  • Extra Large – Toys, lamps, mementos, pillows
  • Crates – China wares and ornaments

Other packing supplies

  • Newsprint paper – dishes, plates, display items
  • Aircap – commonly use for fragile items
  • Tissue – clothing, belts, ornaments
  • Brown paper – Art pieces & painting
  • Kraft & OPP Tapes
  • Customized labels
  • Silica gel & Absorbent pole
  • Peanut foam filing